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As Mayor of Peoria, my heart and soul is in this city and I am focused on Peoria’s significant assets, values and ultimately, its premium standing in the Valley. It is not by chance that in 2016, Peoria was ranked number 7 on the Yahoo Finance list of America’s 50 Best Cities to Live. I have worked hard to create a vision for Peoria’s future and put in place the policies needed to make that vision a reality, but there is still more work to be done.

It is imperative that we stay focused on smart and conservative fiscal policies. I hope to build upon our success in managing the budget, protecting the taxpayers, ensuring responsible growth, keeping our neighborhoods safe, and promoting quality economic development in our community.  I am proud of my track record and my plan for a bright future for Peoria.

It has been my pleasure to serve the residents of Peoria and I strongly believe our city is heading in the right direction. Peoria’s growth continues to accelerate but with 172,000 residents, we are only half-way built out, creating an environment primed for opportunity. It’s an exciting time in Peoria! 

I am focused on creating a vision for Peoria’s future, which is why I hope you will re-elect me to represent you on August 28th. 

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Dedicated to Peoria's Future.


Economic Development

I am committed to attracting quality employment that embraces the workforce of tomorrow. With the adoption of the strategic Economic Development Investment Strategy, we have seen success through our Annual Investment Forum and considerable Land Banking initiatives. As Peoria continues to grow, it is vital we are well positioned for quality, private development to meet the needs of current and new residents, at work and at play. A prime example is the city-owned land around the Peoria Sports Complex. The Peoria Innovation Center, currently in the design phase, will reside in the heart of our P83 District. This advanced business center will be surrounded by dining and entertainment choices in an upscale urban setting. 

I understand the importance of fiscal responsibility and government accountability and remain committed to revenue producing services, smart development and attracting high quality employment.

 As Mayor, I have worked to increase high wage jobs such as, Aviage Systems Aerospace Company, SerialTek, Huntington University, GEPACK, Honor Health Medical and many others.

I have maintained strong reserve levels for all operating funs and continued to reduce borrowed costs.

As Mayor, I have kept tax rates low with no property tax increases during my time in office, creating a pathway for economic growth that embraces the workforce of tomorrow.

Quality of Life

Public safety remains my top priority. I have worked to decrease major crimes as well as response times in our community by adding personnel, vehicles, and equipment. We remedied a previously unstable ambulance situation by bringing this core service in-house. Additionally, we now have the city’s first Alternative Response Vehicle and Community Paramedicine Program. I continue my commitment to protecting and preserving the safety of every resident of Peoria.   I am also focused on new growth by adding infrastructure, parks and open space in advance of new development, while continuing improvements to historical Old Town Peoria.

Peoria has among the lowest crime rates in the Valley. We also added additional sworn police officers, new vehicles and equipment.

Peoria continues to see a reduction in crime, even as our population continues to grow. We have added new emergency response vehicles and public safety personnel that has had a huge impact on making Peoria one of the safest communities in the Valley.

The Community Paramedicine Program has been put in service, hiring trained personnel for all new programs plus full staffing at Lake Pleasant.

As Mayor, I believe it is important that we prepare for continued growth by having a strong vision for the future – looking for ways to protect our open space, planning for healthy development and creating an environment for business to thrive. 

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As your Mayor, I recognize our City faces new challenges that require vision and leadership. My goal is to continue creating a place where families can live, work and enjoy life.

As a result of my edict to stay relevant and modern, the “Livability Initiative Team,” a yearlong research group was created to provide recommendations on how to better attract the future worker force.

I believe an informed citizenry is a critical component of our successful democracy. With programs such as City Sense, residents have a direct communication with their city government.

I host several events through the City every month, such as the “Morning with the Mayor,” for residents to come and discuss their concerns.

Peoria is headed in the right direction.  I am honored to be a part of a team that works well together on behalf of the residents of Peoria.  Strong cities require cooperation and I believe that our current city council is in constant collaboration to find the best solutions to issues facing our community.

Peoria was ranked 7th on the 50 Best Cities to Live list, 5th on the Best City for People with Disabilites and 11th on the Best City for Jobs list. 

I am proud of Peoria’s low debt ratio. Our strong bond rating has enabled us to save millions through multiple refunding transactions. We work hard to ensure the taxpayers’ dollars are well managed through the conservative strength of our Council mandated Principals of Sound Financial Management.


What People Are Saying...



Former Mayor Bob Barrett

“Over the last decade, Peoria has grown by leaps and bounds to evolve into one of the best cities to live in all of Arizona. It has taken hard work, dedication and a clear strategy to move Peoria in the right direction, but most of all it takes leadership.

Since Cathy Carlat was elected Mayor on 2014, she has provided that leadership every day for the citizens of Peoria. There is nobody more dedicated to the well-being of her constituents than Cathy, who has followed through on her promises to hold the line on keeping property taxes low, create an environment for businesses to thrive and to protect our city’s high quality of life. She has improved public safety and led the city on maintaining open spaces for responsible growth.

I am proud to support Mayor Cathy Carlat in her re-election campaign and I am confident Peoria will continue to flourish for the next four years under her leadership.” 


Former MAyor John Keegan

“Too often, we see politicians make promises on the campaign trail that they can’t keep once they get in office. In Peoria, however, that isn’t the case.

We are lucky to have Cathy Carlat as Mayor of our great city, a leader who has kept the promises she made when she first ran for office. I was excited to support her then and I have been blown away by what she’s been able to accomplish in her time as Mayor. From great strides on economic development to the growth we’ve seen at P83 to investing more resources towards keeping our residents safe, Mayor Carlat has followed through on her promises.

Her work has improved the quality of life in her city, and her vision for the future should make all of residents confident that even better days are ahead. We can trust Mayor Cathy Carlat when it comes to leading Peoria and we should all come together to support her re-election.”


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